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Paul Stanford

Paul Stanford
President at THCF Medical Clinics / Presto Quality Care

Entrepreneur with expertise in hemp & cannabis. Business and nonprofit management. Primary author of the Cannabis Tax Act legislation and working for over 30 years for hemp and cannabis legalization. Founder & president of USA's largest medical marijuana clinics with doctors helping patients get their states' permit to legally possess, use & grow herb; over 150,000 patients helped in 12 states. Proficient in Mandarin Chinese/ Putonghua/ Beijinghua. Arranged financing and bank letters of credit for import/export of cargo container shipments of hemp products to and from Asia, Europe and North America. Expert court witness on marijuana and medicinal cannabis. Produced and hosted over 500 episodes of live TV programs. Produced and announced radio shows and advertising. Sales of tangibles and intangibles. Licensed securities issuer-salesperson. Author of articles published in magazines and books. Award winning cannabis cultivator. Associate producer and actor of a dramatic film, The Green Goddess. Will only plan and work on win-win scenarios. Continually striving for self actualization.

Farmer Bill

Paul Stanford
Hemp Nebraska

Farmer Bill Hawkins is an organic farmer, herbalist and wildcrafter. He has been a longtime environmental activist involved in a variety of local sustainable community and agriculture issues. He lives in a tipi on a farm in Nebraska. As part of HEMPNEBRASKA and the Cannabis movement in Nebraska, he has been out spoken for the need to end the 75 years of prohibition and persecution!

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MadisonMadison NORML... Based out of downtown Madison, have 2 meetings per month on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at the Wil Mar Center 953 Jenifer St, Madison.

South EastSouthEast Wisconsin NORML...Are based out of Union Grove Wisconsin. They meet monthly at the Executive Directors residence.

NorthernNorthen Wisconsin NORML... meets monthly throughout Wisconsin. For meeting times and details: Check the Meetings/Events page, of their web site, to see when the next meeting or event is!

WisconsinWisconsin NORML... We are leading the fight for commonsense regulation of the most useful plant ever known to mankind — cannabis.

“we are here because we have shared values, we know that together we can change this country...countries and states are legalizing marijuana and that is going to happen here as well(Wisconsin).”

Melissa Sargent, -@ Harvest Fest 2013